Materials are patented and have been utilized in the production in 1966, in North America. They are widely used in public facilities and residential landscaping and greening. Material in the production process the raw materials used and the components are not analogues in the world market. They are UV, frost and heat resistant. These materials have gained much popularity in Canada, the United States and Mexico. The main advantage of the environment is expressed in the separating line and low labor costs, creating a separating bar between the different gardening and home improvement materials.

* Gardener's borders series provides an elegant and strong line of garden landscaping

* Garden Line provides an elegant appearance that brings out the beds and the environmental elements

* The material is flexible, which allows both straight and curved lines
* Borders, bounded into the weed beds in areas
* Annual turf atrakšana making beds - forgotten stage
* Borders makes lawn mowing, stops execution of the function


Created by TRIALINE